Frequently Asked Questions

We provide both Command hooks and 260 modeling balloons for easy installation. A video for a quick wall-mounted installation can be found HERE.

Command hooks will not damage your wall if they are adhered and removed properly. Walls should first be cleaned (we like rubbing alcohol for this) and dried before adhering the hook; allow the hook to "cure" on the wall for about ten minutes before putting weight or tension on it. A quick video for removing a Command hook with no damage can be found HERE.

Balloons can also be tied to railings, etc., using the 260 balloons. If you need more help, we are happy to Zoom or FaceTime you to walk you through the process!

The answer is as soon as you know you're throwing a shindig! Even if you don't have a set date, we have retainer options available-- the more notice we have, the better, even if the details are fuzzy. We humbly request a minimum of one month's notice in order to provide our best work, but we will take last minute requests and fit you in if our schedule allows. If you're booking last minute, be prepared to be flexible with colors and props, as it's not always possible to source stock and book rentals with our vendors with little notice. 

Once you've submitted an inquiry, you can expect to hear from us within 48 hours unless we receive your inquiry on a Friday; inquiries received Friday through Sunday are answered the following Monday.

Depending on the details you've provided on your inquiry submission, we may ask you for things such as your party's theme, any color requests, whether your event will be indoors or outdoors, etc. We may also ask for inspiration photos, and photos or videos of the space to be decorated. All of these details will help us to craft an installation design that will delight your guests.

Once the details are settled, you will receive from us a pricing breakdown which includes your balloons, installation, any rental or custom items, and delivery. When this pricing is approved, we will provide a contract which you must sign and return along with a non-refundable 50% deposit. Your date and time is reserved upon receipt of both your completed contract and deposit.

Then you can kick your feet up and we'll do the rest! We may occasionally reach out for some quick guidance here and there, but normally you'll just hear from us the Monday before your event to confirm details. And of course we are always available to answer any questions.

Clients may cancel with a refund of the event balance up to 7 days before their event date. If cancellation is requested within seven days of the event, we cannot guarantee a refund as the bulk of our labor is executed within that window, and we will have already begun utilizing the dedicated materials we purchased to customize your installation. Deposits are non-refundable; this covers the materials cost as well as the labor we have provided leading up to the week of your event.

In the event that we are the ones to cancel (in the case of serious illness, accident, or worse), we will refund both the deposit and any additional payments made on the balance, as well as help you find an alternative service provider.

The week before your event, we will reach out to confirm the details, including the event address and our arrival time. If the weather forecast is not favorable to your outdoor event, we will request your alternative plans at that time. If your event will be outdoors, we highly recommend having a plan in place for inclement weather as our crew does not provide service in rain, snow, or temperatures above 85-degrees. We cannot provide refunds in the event of inclement weather when no alternative plans have been made.

For our services, the more time we have to install, the more perfected the setup will be. Can you provide us with the flexibility of many unrushed hours the day of, or even the night before? Fabulous!

However, we do understand that venues tend to limit setup time, so realistically most standard installations can be completed in two hours while maintaining attention to detail. Can we do it in less? Yes, and we have, but we always want to provide our best work and having less than two hours means there may be compromises.

Large installations and fully designed events generally require three to five hours. 

Mini Moments require a strict minimum of two hours due to the nature of this product line; in order to keep the price lower, we use a standard vehicle for transport, and we construct the stands and inflate on site. The building and installation process takes a lot more time than when we pack a cargo van or box truck full of inflated balloons.

While we have many props and backdrops to offer in-house including neon signs and metal stands, we also have at our disposal the inventory of several local rental companies whom we work with to ensure we can execute the vision for your party. Once we have completed the booking process and settled on a design, your props will be included on your invoice as part of our package.

We pride ourselves in being local leaders in color matching and palette creation. If you already have materials such as linens, we can absolutely ensure your balloons are the closest color match and coordinate with the decor of your event. We are happy to communicate with your vendors to ensure we are all working with the same color vision.

There are lots of ways to dress up balloon installations! Our signature service is creating a custom palette by layering balloons to make new colors. We can also include vinyl appliques, custom signs, fresh florals, silk florals, fabric, bows, gold leaf, and paint, just to name a few options. Let us know during the booking process that you're looking for us to add something special, and we'll come up with a unique design that's sure to wow your guests.

Indoors and temperature-controlled, balloons can last a month or more and look perfect.

Outdoors, heat and sunlight can and will cause balloons to pop; humidity will cause oxidation (the balloons will take on a velvety matte finish); cold will cause them to shrink. Basically, balloons are happiest indoors. In direct sunlight and/or temperatures hotter than 85 degrees, your balloons might not even last through your event. We always warn our clients of this, and it is part of our contract that we are not responsible for the state of your balloons post-installation.

And what should you do with them afterward? We've had clients donate their indoor balloons to small businesses, hang them in their homes as decor, and even sell them on Facebook (we actually encourage this-- why not pass on the joy and be kind to the earth?). You can also simply pop them and move on, or dismantle them and let guests take pieces home. If you'd rather we take care of them, we do offer an optional strike service (dismantling, popping, and properly disposing of the balloons) for $150 plus travel.