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Bubble Pop 101: The In-Person, One-on-One Beginner Experience

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Are you new to balloons, or have you started your business but still don’t feel confident in your work? Maybe you want to change the way you do balloons. This one-on-one, custom tailored in-person class covers the basics: how to inflate, how to choose colors, how to construct garland, and how to install. 

Choose one of the following designs to construct during your class:

  • Moongate cascade
  • Backdrop panel installation
  • Balloon waterfall 
  • Freeform garland work

The following will be provided the day of your experience:

  • Hands-on instruction for inflation and pre-construction 
  • Mini lesson on color theory
  • Installation experience with detailed, step by step instruction 
  • Footage and photography of your class to use for advertising on your website and social media
  • Resource list to take home